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Updated February 27, 2014
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My computer history

I saw my first computer in the early 1980ies. It was probably in 1981 or 1982, a friend of mines father brought home a computer from the school where he worked over a weekend. It was a Swedish made computer, an ABC 80.

And that's about what I'm going to write for now, I'll finish it someday. Here's some milestones in my computers, mostly for aiding my own memory.

c:a 1981 - 82 - Saw a real computer for the first time, an ABC80
c:a 1981 - 82 - Casio calculator with BASIC which my father borrowed over a weekend
1982 (Dec 24) - Commodore VIC20, Christmas gift to me and my brother. Just the computer, no tapedrive, so no possibility to save programs from the beginning. We got no software for, but we got a couple of books and a subscription to a swedish computer magazine called "VIC Rapport". One of the books contained BASIC-listings of games, so my brother and I took turns typing in those listings. That way I learned to type and the basics of programming. It broke after about a week (hardware fault, not our), so it was gone for repairs for at least a month. Sold during the latter half of 1983, because my brother wanted a Commodore 64.
1983 (Dec 24) - Commodore 64. Not sure if we got it with a tapedrive. A few years later we also bought a disk drive. Sold in 1989(?).
1989 (Feb 23) - Atari 520 STfm. I still remember the first weekend I had it quite well. My parents was away in the neighbour town to see a show, so I was alone at home. I was playing around with it until quite late at night. That night we had a really bad snowstorm, so when I woke up at noon the next day there was a huge amount of snow to take care of. Almost all roads were closed after the storm so my parents couldn't make it home until late afternoon.
1988 - 89 - Commodore +4. They sold them for next to nothing at the local computer store. Iirc they were all sold out when I wanted one, but I was able to buy one that got returned, or if it was from a friend. Stupidly enough I sold it when I bought the Atari, as I "wanted to get rid of all things Commodore". *idiot*
1991 - bought a harddrive, a Megafile 30, for the Atari
1992 June - Started an Atari based BBS called "The Dark Side of the Moon
1992 Sept - got my first email address
1993 - bought a second Atari, an STF with 2.5 MB RAM expansion and another Megafile 30.
1994 - 1995, got my first PC, a 386 that I use with Slackware Linux.
1996 - 1997, get my second PC, a Pentium 133, dont remember now if it's Slackware or Debian.
1997? trades a live recording of Pink Floyd performing at Ullevi in Sweden for an Atari STE.
1998 - permanently closing my BBS.
1998 - 1999 - Get my third PC, a Pentium II. HP Brio. Runs Windows 98.
1999 - me and a co-worker launches We use left-over computer parts we get from friends. A pentium 90 and 10 GB disk running Debian Linux.
2003 - get my fourth PC. ASUS P4PE motherboard, Pentium4 1.8GHZ CPU clocked to 2.5GHZ. Runs Windows 2000 first, later XP. Runs on the same XP installation until it gets retired in 2012. Still works.
2004(?) - gets new hardware. Pentium II, larger disks etc. faulty motherboard which requires a reboot every 6 month in order to prevent lockups.
2006 - get my fifth PC. A Fujitsu Siemens. AMD CPU, runs XP. lots of weird problems with this one from time to time. Retired in February 2013.
2010 Dec. - Buys an Atari Porfolio.
2011 April - Find an Atari Falcon for SEK 2000 at an online fleamarket called "Blocket". Buys it without hesitation.
2011 Buys an Commodore 128D on Blocket with lots of stuff.
2011 Aug. - Buys a VIC 20 from Tradera for SEK 168. Bargain.
2011 Dec. - Buys an Atari 600XL. Unfortunately the keyboard is busted.
2012 Jan. - Wins an auction on an Atari Stacy on Ebay. Luckily it's located in Stockholm so a colleauge can pick it up for me.
2012 Jan. - Wins an auction on the dream computer - an Atari TT!
2012 - Buys an Atari XEGS from Blocket.
2012 Sep. - Wins an auction on an Commodore 64, the original model, just like I had almost 30 years ago.
2013 Feb. - buys my sixth PC. ASUS P8H77-V LE motherboard, Intel Core i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD system-disk, plus the disks from the now retired Fujitsu Siemens. Currently runs Windows 7.