The home page of Joakim Nordlander

Updated August 11, 2012

About Joakim Nordlander

Brief CV
Lives in Sweden
Wide interest in computers, hardware and software.
OS: Microsoft Windows (everything from 3.11 to current, both server and workstation), Linux and Unix, MacOS X
Systems: Special interrests in database servers such as Microsoft SQL Server (2000, 2005 and 2008), and MySQL. Familiar with Sharepoint- and IIS-administration, Apache, Exchange and exim. Virtualisation, mainly using vmware.
Networking: Configuring Clavister Firewalls, HP switches, TCP/IP. Knowledgable in ipv4, SMTP, FTP, firewalls, etc.
Programming: Began with BASIC, have been writing scripts and web-applications using perl and php.
Languages: Native Swedish, fluent English (both writing and speaking)

Current tasks (as of August 2012): Main duties: Database admin and Sharepoint administration. Maintains networks and servers. User support.

Hobbies and interests:
Photography, Computers, Retro computing, collecting Atari computers, the music of Pink Floyd, dogs, aquariums.

My computer history. How I got started with computers and up till today
My computer collection. Mostly for my own amusement and memory