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Updated February 27, 2014
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My computer collection

Atari 520 STfm Feb 23, 1989 My first Atari-computer. Faulty DMA-chip and failed memory upgrade meant I had the motherboard replaced to a proper 1MB model with TOS 1.4 in sometime in 1991 - 1992
Atari 1040 STf Spring 1993 Bought it together with a Megafile 30 and a 2.5MB memory upgrade. IIRC I payed less for all this than for my previous Megafile 30.
Atari 1040 STE 1997(?) Traded for a live recording of Pink Floyd at Ullevi in Gothenburg 1994. Upgraded RAM to 4MB.
Atari Falcon 030 2011 Bought in Sweden for 2000 kronor. This purchase made me start collecting old computers and bring out the ones I had from storage.
Came with 1GB SCSI harddrive and Cubase Audio. Upgraded to 14MB RAM, fitted math co-processor, replaced fan and NVRAM Battery.
Atari TT January 2012 Early rev. TT. Bought on EBay from Germany. Quite yellowed. Changed TOS to Swedish TOS 3.06, replaced PSU fan. Upgraded TT-RAM to 16MB.
Always dreamt about owning a TT back in the days so this one is the dearest one in my collection.
Atari Stacy January 2012 Bought on EBay, Swedish seller. Swedish keyboard and TOS. Quite worn, harddrive broken, backlight weak (standard problem with these) and the numeric keyboard doesn't quite work (broken trace). Apart from that probably have one of the most comfortable keyboards I ever tried.
Atari MegaST 1 September 2013 Bought from Germany with German TOS and keyboard. Got it mostly because I wanted a MegaST in my collection. Good condition (no yellowing), but unfortunately it got badly smashed in the shipment from Germany. Luckily the internals was undamaged so I managed to restore it to almost original condition. Wonderful keyboard.
Atari 600XL December 2011 Broken keyboard, very yellowed, but seems OK apart from that.
Atari XEGS 2012 Bought it as a replacement for my broken 600XL. Yellowed keyboard, the keyboard is absolutely awful to use.
Atari Portfolio 2010 Quite well-used, was missing the battery-cover. Creaky hinge. Later completed with new battery cover, parallell-interface (for transfering files) and extra memory-card.
Atari Portfolio 2011 Gift from a co-worker. Very well used, barely sticking together. But it came with a 1 MB(!) memory card, which is more than enough for this one.
Luxor ABC 80 1990(?) Swedish-made Z80-based computer. Had a tapedeck to it as well, but a friend borrowed it and I never got it back.
Commodore VIC20 2011 Mostly for nostalgic reasons. Was my very first computer sometime back in 1983.
Commodore 128D 2011 Found it on "Blocket", with lots of extra stuff coming with it. Was able to read my old disks from my Commodore-period for the first time in over 20 years.
Commodore 64
(1st gen)
September 2012 Back to where it (almost) started.